Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital marketing solutions that Drive results, Maintain performance and help your business Succeed. Servicing London, Kent, and beyond.


Let’s put your products or service in front of your ideal target audience. Providing a full creative service from designing assets to writing compelling ad copy, building out campaigns, split testing & optimising performance.​


Let’s reach potential customers right from the get-go, at the beginning of their buying journey. As a qualified Google PPC specialist, I can build compliant and complex campaigns ready for relevant keyword success.​


Let’s nurture interested customers with carefully curated content that educates, informs, and inspires. Developing a personalised strategy that speaks directly to recipients and builds a loyal, returning customer base.​


I am thrilled to share that I have won two prestigious DotCOMM Awards in 2023, for my Individual achievements in digital marketing, taking both Gold and Platinum awards!

I have also won the 2023 Global Recognition Award for my impact on the marketing industry, which includes recognition for my DIY HUB’s contribution to education in the field.

These awards hold significant weight on an international scale, symbolising excellence in digital communication and highlighting the far-reaching impact of my contributions. I am deeply grateful for this recognition and remain committed to pushing boundaries and achieving even greater heights in my future endeavours.


What's the DIY Hub?

Are you looking to develop and manage your own marketing activity? Maybe you work within the marketing department at a company or you’re looking to start your own freelance journey. You could also be a student wanting to break into a marketing role and need what employers call ‘on-the-job’ experience.

Discover an entire suite of training courses, tips & tricks, social media, and email editable templates that can be downloaded for personal and commercial use, interview task completion plus much more at an affordable cost.


Why hire a freelancer?

There’s often a misconception that freelancers are expensive but in fact, you’ll save money hiring me. You’ll gain flexibility and special expertise.

Reduced risk over an employed position and consistent, high-quality work – nothing is guaranteed for a freelancer, so I take nothing for granted. Click ‘Hire Amy’ below and discover more freelancer benefits and more about me!

My clients

I'm proud to have worked with...

Generated 2,807 membership sign ups in 4 months


32% increase in membership sign ups in 10 days

Business Green

Generated an average roas of 6.1 from Facebook Ads in 5 months

Kasimir & Olin

150% increase in website leads in 2 months

The Realization Group

Many thanks for all of your hard work on our campaigns. It is really appreciated. We have had some good quality leads coming through.
Rebecca Storrar
Product marketing manager, Euromoney trade data
Since Amy has worked on our brand PP Pendants we have got a lot more revenue for the money being spent. Very happy! Thanks, Amy.
Joanne Adams
Director, Cabin Boutique
We're picking up momentum. Thanks for your hard work to date Amy. Your input has had a positive effect for EHE Capital and our podcast.
Guy Remond
Founder & Director, EHE CAPITAL

Communication is key to the success of your marketing.
I believe in developing honest and open relationships with my clients through regular contact, progress, and performance updates. We identify the strengths and weaknesses and work together to formulate optimisation strategy.


Hiring a freelancer is cost-effective for your business. There's no outlay like employment benefits, pension contributions, equipment, tools, and software. My expertise and skill mean I can make your money work hard, reduce wasted ad spend, and develop low-cost solutions.


Nothing is guaranteed for a freelancer, so I take nothing for granted. My business is my passion and developing high-quality content for my clients goes hand-in-hand. My priority will be your business growth! Employee work quality can sometimes be inconsistent when they have a guaranteed monthly income.


Whether it's working together with an existing team or formulating a forward strategy individually being flexible is fundamental to becoming a valuable extension of your business. There's no set workflow from my end because change is vital to the success of marketing.

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